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Winter 2014
*Inherited IRAs
*Introducing LegalVault

Autumn 2014
*Expansion of Generations Maintenance Service
*What is Portability?

Spring 2014
*Broken Wills
*Extending a Uniform Transfer to Minor Act Account 

Winter 2013
*The Family Meeting
*Choose Your Charities Wisely

Autumn 2013
*Donating from you IRA
*A Crowdsourced Conversation about Heritage and Legacy

Summer 2013
*Estate Tax Law Certainty
*Effects of New Estate Tax Law

Winter 2012
* Ten Things that can Complicate an Estate Plan
* Limit on Tax Free Gifts Set to Increase
* Estate Planning with Gold
* Bill's Sheep Hunting Adventure

Autumn 2012
* Keeping It Simple
* Your Digital Assets

Summer 2012
* Foley & Foley Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Autumn 2011
* The IRA Charitable Rollover
* Giving the "Stuff" Away: Personal Property Distributions

March 2011
* "Big Changes to the Estate Tax" * Generations Clients and Partners Wine Tasting April 1, 2011

January 2011
* "The Living Trust: A Super Power of Attorney"

July 2010
* "Choose the Right Form of Business for Your Operation" * "Alaska Offers LLCs Favorable Protection From Creditors" * "Refinancing Your Home while Titled in a Trust"

April 2010
* "Estate Tax Update: Is it a Good Year to Die?" * "Red Zone Offense: Administering the Family Trust"

October 2010
* "Are You a Planned Giver?" * "10 ways to Help Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One" * "Bill Pearson Makes Shareholder of Foley & Foley"

December 2009
* "Death to the Death Tax?" * "Planned Giving: Treating Your Charity Like Family" * "Business Planning in a Recession"

October 2009
* "Real Estate Property Taxes" * "Health Care Directives for Young Adults"

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