Summer 2017 
*Tell the World When you are Doing
Business as a LLC
*Young Adults Need Estate Planning Too

Winter 2017
*Gifting: Wise Strategies for Wealth Transfer
*Susan Foley Appointed University of Alaska Foundation President

Summer 2016 
*Who is in Charge?
*The Duties of a Fiduciary

Spring 2016 
*De-Cluttering Your Life: Part Three
*Estate Planning Workshop Will Be Moving
*Where is your Red Book Stored?

Autumn 2015
*IRA Rules
*De-Cluttering Your Life: Part Two

Summer 2015
*Foley, Foley & Pearson Moving to    Midtown
*The Elephant in the Room
*De-Cluttering Your Life: Part One

Spring 2015
*Prepare for the Worst; Expect the Best
*Tax Law Changes for 2015

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Foley, Foley & Pearson, P.C. is a full service Estate Planning law firm. We offer our clients services in Probate Administration, Estate Taxes, Wills, Trusts, Disability and Incapacity Planning, Estate Administration, Corporate and Business Law, Business Succession Planning, and Planned Giving and Charitable Bequests.